High Resolution LIMITED 3' x 3' Vinyl Print of 


Illustrated by Yedi Fresh

 A must have for any top secret lair !!!

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Thats a Cool dang a Yedi !!!


A self-taught artist.  From day one, Yedi Fresh  has been creating.  Whether it is illustration, painting, digital art, or mural work, he has allowed his creative nature to explode across canvases, notebooks, and even some walls around y'alls.  To him, it is a nonstop vision. From an oversized yeti to some cool color therapy, there are always works in progress. Not a day goes by that Yedi can't be found with pencil, brush or can in hand. Always working, always improving.  It is this very persistence, the one that keeps him up long hours into the night, that springs his creative worlds into reality.
R.O.Y.G.B.I.V. thats how he live.
"I'm not from your alien world, just here to brighten it up a little"   
                                                                             -Yedi Fresh


Awww Yeaah!!!

Cartoonist - Character Design - Canvas Work - Illustration - Murals - Paintings - Storyboarding - T-Shirt Designs - Funky Technician
Commissions Created Upon Request